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I moved from Louisiana and started my medical practice in Houston area and was looking for someone who could help me set up my practice. Abhay Maheshwari was referred to me by another physician. He not only helped me in setting up my practice but has relieved me from tension of medical billing and payments follow up. I highly recommend him for his services. – Dr. K. Kambhampati.

I am a physician and I have been in practice for over 6 years. Abhay Maheshwari helped me set up my practice including incorporation of the company, getting enrollment from Medicare, Medicaid and major health insurances. Since I started my medical practice, he has been doing my medical billing, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and other ancillary activities related to accounting and taxes. I am very satisfied with his services and recommend him with confidence. – Dr. Ajinder S. Dhatt

Abhay Maheshwari was recommended to us for medical billing by our professional acquaintances. He has been providing us with medical billing services since little over three years. We occasionally take his advices in the matters of bookkeeping and taxes as well. We recommend him and ATMB Services Inc. for their services. – Dr. Achi P Chary

I am a Realtor and President of The Settings Inc. and has been availing tax and accounting services from Abhay Maheshwari since many years. His advice has helped in reducing my taxes in a right manner. He is proactive, efficient and works for the best interest of his clients. – Madhuri Jaju

Abhay Maheshwari has been instrumental in tax planning for my company as well as my personal taxes. Since past 2 years, he has been providing me tax services, and his advices have helped me in minimizing my taxes. I recommend him for his services. – Pardeep Malhotra, President – True Imprints LLC

Abhay Maheshwari was recommended to me for my personal and business taxes. I have been availing his services since past 5 years. He is professional, efficient and well informed. – Dr. Azhar Malik

I am Mahendra Agraharkar the president and CEO of Space City Associates of Nephrology, which is a single specialty group practice. Abhay Maheshwari has been providing Medical Billing, Bookkeeping and Tax Services to our group for the past 10 years. We are pleased with services he provides and have recommended his services to our professional colleagues who are also utilizing his services. They all have given us an excellent feedback about him. I highly recommend his company for the services mentioned above