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Lenders and investors insist on accurate books, so investing in professional bookkeeping can be advantageous, especially when, in modern days, most of the businesses rely on outside financing. Also, good record keeping will reduce the risk of audit and associated penalties.

We provide comprehensive and complete range of bookkeeping service. Outsourced bookkeeping service is recognized as a very effective management tool in the modern days, especially among small and medium businesses. External bookkeepers reduce   drain of management time.  You always have a financial dashboard in front of you highlighting where you stand. We can customize bookkeeping according to the specific business needs.

  • Monthly / quarterly financial statements

  • Detailed monthly sales and disbursement ledger

  • Internal financial reports

  • Monthly and quarterly tax reports:

    • IRS forms 940 & 941, W-2, W-3 & 1099

    • Electronic filing of state and federal tax reports

    • Bank Reconciliations